The RAW files from Fujifilm X-Pro2

What can you actually expect of the RAW files from the upcoming Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera?

I’ve been using the Fujifilm X-Pro2 for a while now. Unfortunately only Lightroom, Camera RAW and Fujifilms Silky Pix translates the Fujifilm 24mp (6.000 x 4.000 pixels) RAF files so far. I’m looking forward to and expecting a lot from a future Capture One update. The guys from Phase One are really oriented towards very high quality RAW processing, and renders the RAW files with a lot of depth and color resolution.

What I’ve noticed is that sharpening is much less of an issue with the new 24MP X Trans sensor.

With the RAW files from the older 16mp Fujifilm sensor, I had to struggle a bit with sharpening and detail. But with the X-Pro2 I almost don’t touch the sharpening at all. The RAW files are so close to finished, that I often sit back and wonder if I should do anything at all. The details are well defined and very clear although not tack sharp. Pushing the sharpen to the Lightroom default of 25% and keeping the detail parameter to almost nill, renders the picture very clear without being to sharp on the edges.

If you’ve preordered the X-Pro2, you will be very pleased with the RAF files from Fujifilms new top of the line camera.

The picture above was shot with a preproduction model of the Fujifilm X-Pro2, using the Fujinon XF56mm F/1.2 APD on F/2 with 2 Elinchrom DLite One flash heads.

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