Sagrada Familia takes your breath away


The magnificent Cathedral Sagrada Familia, initiated and thought up in the clever mind of Antoni Gaudí, leaves me breathless even thinking about it.

Often religious buildings have a tendency to bring you down with a heavy dark ages feeling. They stand tall and powerful with an architecture that strikes fear into those it is supposed to submit. Sagrada Familia is nothing like that, not at all.

I have yet to experience the feeling from Sagrada Familia in any other cathedral. For the first time in my life i felt truly uplifted when walking around in this incredibly beautiful Cathedral.

It seems so alien like but still very friendly and loving. The principles of Antoni Gaudí are that no pillars in nature are straight, and all lines and patterns are continous. He brought this principle into all his projects and it truly sets him apart from anyone else.


I brought my Fujifilm X-T1 and tried the best to capture this magnificence. If you get anywhere near Barcelona, buy a ticket online and visit Sagrada Familia. You will not be disappointed.

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